Tips on How to Write a Personal Essay

A personal essay is a kind of nonfiction work and it is likely an autobiographical writing that comprises a conversational outlook. This type of writing is also known as a personal statement. It is a creative writing and there is no such specific pattern. However, it is a common assignment in colleges and it showcases the writers’ proficiency level in the field of communication, critical thinking and maturity.
However, a personal essay is all about a personal experience and it is written by using first person and to accelerate its impact on the readers, an emotional touch should be available, along with a good number of references. Besides, including vivid details is good to make each personal essay interesting. Moreover, it can be a part of the college assignments or writing courses. Some tips need to be kept in mind to make your personal essay successful.

Some tips about writing a Personal Essay:

•    Find a subject what, exactly, you want to portray to the readers. Include what makes you happy and what makes you mad. Past events can be included, along with the turning point of your life.
•    First gauge yourself and then write a personal essay as writing this kind of essay is to pull out something of yourself and share some important part with others. It is a light hearted piece of writing and it should be a well-appreciated gift for the readers.
•    The ideas or points should be narrated specifically. Writers can add personal observation, views as well experiences.
•    Make the important points highlighted as well as intriguing.
•    Arrange the ideas or points in a chronological order
•    Include the dialogue effectively
•    Self-editing is essential and before giving it for publishing, the writer must check the essay thoroughly.
•    Personal essay writing demands collaborative skills, and critical thinking and it is not a revelation, but it is an exploration that needs sharp editing and other skills.