How to Write an Essay Outline?

Essay writing is one of the skills that students should develop from the very beginning of their school life. Through essay writing, students learn to organize their thoughts and ideas properly. It is a basic skill which helps them to attain success in school and college.

Writing an essay in a structural way makes it more appealing and keeps the reader hooked from the start to the end.  For example, to construct a house you need to have a foundation on which the house can be built, in the similar manner to write an essay you need to outline the key points which forms the base for the essay. In other words outlining helps you in organizing the topics in a sequential way and depicts the flow of the story. Below are few of the pointers which will help in defining the outline of an essay.


•    Once you have decided on a topic, scribble on a piece of papers all ideas good or bad that come in your mind for 5-10 minutes. Once done, then revisit those ideas and sort them. This will help you in forming the thesis of the essay as you can easily identify the purpose of writing when you revisit those ideas.

•    While making the thesis of the essay keep in mind the kind of audience who will be reading the essay. This will give you a glimpse of the responses you will encounter.

•    From the list of ideas you had listed earlier sort them to develop a sequence of topics you wanted to describe. Each topic should be elaborated in a separate paragraph and should contain an example, which connects the topic to the thesis.

•    Finally, conclusion paragraph should re- emphasize the thesis statement and should review the important points of the essay. Conclusion paragraph should not introduce any new facts.