How to Learn Tenses in English in Easy Way?

Tense refers to the readers that when the action or work is done in the sentences. There are three basic types of tense- Past, Present and Future. Past tense is used when the action is done, whereas the present tense signifies the action, which is in the process and the future tense indicates the action or work that is going to be happened.

  • Past Tense – I prepared chicken curry yesterday.
  • Present Tense – I am preparing chicken curry for lunch.
  • Future Tense – I will prepare chicken curry on this Friday.

    Here are some formulas of tenses, along with the examples.

  • Simple Present – (Finish) – I always finish my tasks within the specified time.
    Subject+ Verb1(s/es) + Object.
  • Present Progressive – (Finishing) – I am finishing my tasks.
    Subject + am/is/are +Verb-ing + Object.
  • Present Perfect (Have /Has Finished) – Radha has finished her tasks.
    Subject +have/has +V3 + Object.
  • Present Perfect Progressive (Have/ Has been Doing) – I have been doing my tasks since morning.
    Subject + have/has +been + Verb-ing+ Object.
  • Simple Past – (Finished) – I finished my work.
    Subject + V2+ Object
  • Past Progressive (Was / Were Finishing) – I was finishing my tasks.
    Subject + Was/ Were + Verb-ing+ Object
  • Past Perfect – (Had Finished) I had finished my lunch.
    Subject +Had + V3 + Object
  • Past Perfect Progressive – (Had been doing) – He had been doing Math sample papers for the whole day before the exam.
    Subject +Had been + Verb-ing+…for.. + before..


  • Simple Future – (Will Finish) – I will finish my homework today.
    Subject + Shall /Will + V1 + Object
  • Future Progressive – (Will be doing) – I will be doing my tasks until it gets completed.
    Subject + Shall/ Will+ Be+ Verb-ing + Object
  • Future Perfect – (will have finished) – John will have finished his tasks by the time his mother reaches home.
    Subject + Shall/Will + Have + V3 (been) + Object
  • Future Perfect Progressive (will have been driving)-They will have been driving the car for hours by the time they reach home.
    Subject + Shall /Will + Have been + Verb-ing + Object.