English Phrases for Daily Use

A phrase is just a group of words that includes a meaning to the sentences, but it is not at all a sentence as it does not have either a subject, verb or a complete idea. In English grammar, five different types of phrases are available. These phrases are Noun, Prepositional, Adjective, Adverb, Verb and others.


Noun Phrase – all my dear friends.
Prepositional Phrase – after a long walk.
Adjective Phrase – happy with the work.
Adverb Phrase – time goes very quickly.
Verb Phrase – He should wait before going to watch movie.

Some Common Phrases:

I have heard so much about you – It is generally used during the introduction if you have much information about the person, whom you are introduced.
It’s good to have you here – To feel someone comfortable as well as welcomed in an event or a party. It is the right phrase.
I would like to meet someone – To introduce a new person to more people.
I almost didn’t recognize you- After a long time, if you see someone, then this small talk phrase is the right to use.
It is good to see you again- After a long time, if you see a friend or an acquaintance, then it is the right phrase to show your happiness.

Additionally, we use many phrases while talking to another person.


  • It’s a fact that…
  • Everybody knows that..
  • It’s no secret that..
  • It has been proven that…
  • Keep track of…
  • Fit in with
  • Grab a bite
  • A tight schedule
  • I’ll see to it
  • Keep you updated
  • Work wonders
  • Give me a hand
  • Thanks for the honor
  • Yes, by all means
  • Nothing special

Some Useful English Phrases, along with meanings:

As easy as pie (quite easy)
Bend over backward (try very hard)
Bite off more than one can chew (taking much responsibility)
Change one’s mind (decide to do something different)
Figure something out (to understand a problem)
Give someone a hand (to help)
Keep one’s chin up (keep on trying)
In the black (it is profitable)
In the red (it is unprofitable)

Author: Ella Madison

I am a blogger interested in English Grammar and going to write the blog on grammar topics. It would help the students in learning grammar efficiently.

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