Tips for Using Onomatopoeia in Poetry

Onomatopoeia is known as a word that represents the sound of a thing or an animal. In brief, it exhibits a sound effect related to the thing described in the sentence. However, the use of Onomatopoeia makes the entire sentence more catchy and expressive. It is interesting to read the sentences that include Onomatopoeia. For instance, ‘The gushing stream flows in the forest’ showcases the sound of the flowing stream and it is more natural to hear. Through this sentence, the readers can feel the rhythm of a flowing stream and can also imagine the scene.

Examples of Onomatopoeia:

bing, buzz, bong, bang, quack, meow, ring-ring, boom, etc.

The objective of using these words in the poetry is to make the writing more natural, intriguing as well as memorable. These words are descriptive and each of them keeps the readers engaged with the piece of writing and most importantly, it gives a better reading experience.

Some tips regarding of using Onomatopoeia in Poetry:

•    It is a great poetry device as it makes the entire theme live, natural as well as absorbing. When the writers want to represent something real or descriptive, then, they can use this kind of words.
•    It adds depth in the sentences and readers should read the sentences aloud to experience the feeling. When a depth is needed in the poetry, the writers must use this device.
•    Onomatopoeia includes a great impact in the sentences and hence, the writers must add this device to make a scratch in the mind of the readers.
•    The use of Onomatopoeia makes the poetry more appealing and engaging and hence, writers prefer to use this device to attract a good number of readers.
•    When the writers want to include some noise in writing, then applying Onomatopoeia is a great choice. There is no specific format of using this device, it goes with the flow of sound. Sometimes, it adds rhythm, but it is not compulsory.

Author: Ella Madison

I am a blogger interested in English Grammar and going to write the blog on grammar topics. It would help the students in learning grammar efficiently.

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