Steps in Writing a Research Paper

A research paper includes the writer’s opinion on a topic. It is a review or the personal perceptions and not a summary developed by including the others’ thoughts. However, a research paper is a well-illustrated essay that showcases the writer’s interpretation or arguments. A research paper is writing about a subject or a topic by following a detailed research work so that the writer can present the best possible information about the chosen subject.

10 Steps in Writing Research Paper

• Subject – Selecting a subject is the first and foremost step and be careful while choosing a subject. Before choosing the subject make sure you will get a good amount of information about that. If the writer selects a subject that is quite familiar with him, then it is easy to elaborate the topic with adequate information. It is better to avoid some topics, which are sensational or controversial.

• Narrow the Subject – After selecting the topic, the writer must jot down the main points about the subject by keeping in mind some questions, including why this topic is important and what are the major impacts of the topic. Moreover, narrowing the subject is imperative to structure a successful research paper.

• Thesis Statement – The third most important aspect is to write a thesis statement that can express your views in a brief manner. However, your thesis statement should be realistic and strong as it controls the entire idea.

• Form a Bibliography – A bibliography is essential to get the sources of information at a glance.

• Make an Outline – Form an outline and it should be maintained in your work. The outline is important as it provides an order to your work. At this stage, a writer can arrange his points that he is going to be elucidated.

• Arrange the notes – Accumulate all your materials and the supporting documents that you should mention in your writing. Make a right arrangement before you start drafting.

• Make a final outline – Final outline is nothing but the structure that you will follow in the final draft. The final outline reflects the organizational aspect of your paper.

• Develop a Rough Draft – Rough draft is the first draft that can be amended before submitting to the concerned person. However, a rough draft consists of three important parts-the introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

• Editing – Editing is the stage, where all points along with the sub-points are evaluated in a thorough manner. Re-reading is essential to assess your draft in a detailed manner.

Sending the Final Draft– The final draft should be typed, along with the bibliography and citation. Footnotes are usually added at the bottom of each page, or else, at the end, before the bibliography. Proofread the entire paper before submission.

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