Paragraph Structure of Effective Writing

Before writing a paragraph, we must know the impact of it on the writing. Paragraph is an aggregation of sentences formed on a same topic. A paragraph is a part of a writing that allows people to understand the subject intended to convey. Usually, a paragraph contains pertinent sentences and it allows a writer to stay on track during the process of reading. It has been proved that a constructive paragraph is always appreciated as it delineates the right message to the readers. In brief, it plays an imperative role in making each writing more effective as well as well-ordered.
When you include your ideas in the writing, then, make sure, these points can get space so that each of them gets noticed. In short, explain your thoughts or ideas in different paragraphs so that the readers can easily understand the messages hidden in the write up. Moreover, the purpose of a writing is to make the readers understand the message, otherwise, the effort of a writer will go in vain.

Paragraph Structure at a Glance

However, the secret of an effective writing is its paragraph structure and hence, each paragraph should be clearly written, whether it is a persuasive, expository or a narrative writing. The four key elements of a well-written paragraph are order, unity, coherence and completeness. Moreover, each of them is described here.

•    Unity: Here, unity means the harmony between the topic sentence and other supporting sentences. The topic sentence in the paragraph should be firm and well-written as the unity of each paragraph starts with this sentence. Each paragraph delineates each idea of the writer and hence, an integrity should be available throughout the writing to make the readers understand the message.

•    Order: Order refers to the organization of the points and it plays an imperative role in making a strong paragraph. However, the supporting sentences should be written based on the topic sentence and the organization should be maintained either logically or as per the importance. Moreover, a definite organization in the paragraphs is one of the major elements of an effective writing.

•    Coherence or Agreement: Coherence is another important aspect that tightens the entire idea. Each paragraph is composed by delineating each idea and here, an agreement should be there to make it logical as well as acceptable. However, the use of transition words is good to present an order or a logic and most importantly, it makes each paragraph more intelligible.

•    Completeness: A paragraph should be complete in the both sides-structure and meaning. Completeness is an important factor that makes each paragraph well-defined, logical as well as worthy to follow. Moreover, an intriguing topic sentence and three or four relevant supporting sentences, along with a cogent conclusion make each paragraph complete.

Author: Ella Madison

I am a blogger interested in English Grammar and going to write the blog on grammar topics. It would help the students in learning grammar efficiently.

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