What is the Purpose of Descriptive Writing?

Descriptive Writing is a type of literary work that tells about a place, person, event or any object in a detailed manner. Here, the author uses suitable words to delineate a picture about the subject they narrate. In addition to this, in descriptive writing, the author uses sensory details to engage the readers. In brief, a descriptive writing comprises a thorough description about the subject by including the technique of sensory details.

The purpose of descriptive writing is very clear as it includes some techniques to portray a character or thing in such a manner that can be memorable for the readers. It is a great way to catch the readers’ attention as this type of writing leaves a remarkable impact on the readers’ mind. The common thing is that while developing a descriptive writing, the author puts his close attention to the details and make the readers engaged by using words related to the five senses. However, this kind of writing is a common task in school and it helps students in improving their writing as well as vocabulary skill.  On the other hand, it accelerates the students’ imagination skill.

The Benefits of Writing Descriptive Essay

•    It allows students to find the way to make their write up more engaging
•    It motivates students to learn new words.
•    It gives scope to the students to explain their understanding on different topics in a thorough manner.
•    It allows the students to understand the readers’ mind carefully.

•    Using similes and metaphors is common in the descriptive essays and hence, through this kind of writing, students get familiar with different figurative languages.

•    This types of writing allows students to be sensible while using adjectives, nouns and verbs to paint a character or an object in the reader’s mind.

•    Students must be aware about the organization of the content as the chronological order is another important thing in this writing.

Author: Ella Madison

I am a blogger interested in English Grammar and going to write the blog on grammar topics. It would help the students in learning grammar efficiently.

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