Characteristics of Narrative Writing


Narrative writing is telling about something with elaboration. It can be fiction or non-fiction and the objective of narrative writing is to tell a story to the readers. However, a narrative writing is more open than other types of write up. The tone and structure of this kind of writing are clear and cogent.

Characteristics of Narrative Writing

Some Characteristics of Narrative Writing are mentioned here:

•    Narrative writing is similar to telling stories and hence, it has setting, characters, plot, conflict as well as resolution. It has prominent beginning, middle part and end and each narrative writing maintains this structure.

•    Each narrative writing is delineated by a narrator and the person is quite familiar with the plot, characters and other things. The narrator is the character of the story and the person opens up the events in a step-by-step manner.

•    Here, the narrators have point of view and they explain their views specifically. Here the first person usually describes the events that happened to him. For that, they use ‘I’ , on the other hand, the third person narrator illustrates the situation as an observer. Besides, the second person narrator directly addresses to the readers.

•    A definite message is a part of a narrative writing and it is suitably addressed to the readers. Here, in this type of writing, the message is mentioned through the dialogues, events or the actions of the characters. In brief, it is not explicitly said, rather the message is gradually opened up as the events occur.

•    Another prominent aspect of a narrative writing is its ethos. Here, the characters and events are narrated in such a manner that can influence the readers easily. The explanation develops an emotional attachment and hence, the readers easily get connected with the story. Another important aspect is chronology as all events in the narrative writing are described in a chronological order.

•    The application of the figurative language, including metaphors and simile are seen in the narrative writing. Additionally, the use of suspense and humor makes each write up intriguing. Here, the writing technique is descriptive and it connects the readers with the topic.

Author: Ella Madison

I am a blogger interested in English Grammar and going to write the blog on grammar topics. It would help the students in learning grammar efficiently.

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